Concentrate Rigs

Concentrate Rigs

Heady Glass Hand Blown Concentrate Rigs

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Cobra Concentrate Rig by Matt Beale

This piece right here stands about a foot tall by Matt Beale of Durango, Colorado, he now lives in Sedona Arizona. This is a miltiple reversal stack w..

Dragon Concentrate Rig by Curse Glass

So, this is a Dragon that stands about 9" tall done by Curse Glass out of Las Vegas, Nevada. It's done with Amber purple accents and slyme. It was mad..

Ninja Turtle Concentrate Rigs by Bose

These Ninja Turtle Rigs by Bose stand between 3 to 4 inches tall. Sometimes with a fixed joint, sometimes with a female, sometimes a male joint. You c..

Yoda Concentrate Rig by Green Bear tagged by Team Death Star

Are YOU a JEDI?!This Team Death Star piece stands 7 to 8 inches tall from the Vegas artist Green Bear ..